Sony Ericsson has announced several new handset, most of which aren’t coming to British and European shores, except for the K320i.

The K320i is dubbed a “snapshot” phone, as despite its “K” appellation, which usually signifies a series cameraphone, it only incorporates a VGA camera.

Business users, however, will find its Bluetooth with Automatic Bluetooth useful, as it allows the user to connect to accessories without first entering a passcode to link the devices.

It also supports push email so that users can stay on top of things while travelling or out of the office, and easy synchronisation with PC address books, to do lists, calendar, and notes.

Other features include a full HTML web browser, dedicated speaker phone, 15MB internal memory, and a full-spec media player for music and video clips.

The other mobiles announced are the Z558, W830, and W958 specially adapted for Asian markets, and the Z550a for the Americas.