Sony Ericsson has announced a new website that combines elements of MySpace with mobile media downloads.

M-Buzz, which has been created in partnership with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, is a showcase for upcoming and unsigned artists, and is designed for use with mobile phones.

The first phones to offer M-Buzz will be the W850i and the W950i Walkman phones, although the new initiative will use Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow service that now offers full-track music and lets users download music in 4 clicks on their mobiles.

Media available will include full tracks, videos, biographies, tour information and even behind-the-scenes footage. At launch, M-Buzz will feature a limited number of artists from Sony/ATV’s catalogue, including Kish Mauve, Embassy, Dirty Perfect, FKLV, Iggy, the Head Set, Bobby Kray, Anjulie, Lights, and Monte*Rosa. Users will be charged per download, rather than on a subscription basis.

As one spokesperson, Martin Blomkvist, said, “M-Buzz is all about breaking new artists; it’s about giving tomorrow’s stars, the artists that have not yet been picked up by major record companies, the exposure they deserve, and the possibility for them to reach a wiser audience.”