Sony has come from behind and out of no where has launched an entertainment device that does everything but take photographs.

Mylo, which stands for “my life online”, is being touted as a “Wi-Fi broadband communication and entertainment device to capitalise on the growth of wireless Internet access”.

It works over any open 802.11b wireless network, and to make life even easier, comes preloaded with JiWire’s hotspot directory, which lists over 20,000 open WiFi networks in the US.

The device is primed for instant messaging and VoIP, with Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype all embedded.

A full QWERTY keyboard is hidden under the display, which contains a 2.4-inch colour LCD featuring 320 x 240 pixels.

As soon as Mylo is switched on, it searches for available wireless networks. Then it lets you chat via instant messenger, browse the web, view photographs, send and receive emails, or make phone calls via Skype.

With an internal memory of 1GB, Mylo has enough storage to get you started; you can store more data on Memory Stick Duo cards.

Mylo also functions as a personal audio player, with a built-in speaker and support for MP3, Atrac, and WMA files.

When you come into range of other mylo users, your mylo will detect their presence and form a personal network so that you can share playlists and stream music.

The device runs on a li-ion battery that provides up to 45 hours of music playback, 7 hours of chatting and web-surfing, and 3 hours of Skype talk time.

Mylo is bundled with a microphone, stereo headphones, a USB cable, and a case, all for $350.

For more information on mylo, check Sony’s

dedicated website