Sony has announced three models of the ultra-small memory card to ship later this year that are suitable for its new range of Sony Ericsson phones.

The new format - the Memory Stick Micro ("M2") - will come in storage capacities of 256MB, 512MB and 1GB later this year.

The company will produce a "M2" adaptor in the size of a standard Memory Stick will allow users to exchange data to Memory Stick PRO compatible products.

The "M2" media is approximately one-quarter the volume of "Memory Stick PRO duo" media, yet only about 1.2mm thick. "M2" media is designed as an externally removable media with a controlled eject function to prevent users losing the media.

Sony plans to ship the 256MB and 512MB versions of the "M2" media from March, and the 1GB model from May 2006.

The estimated enduser price of the "M2" media will be similar to the price of the current "Memory Stick PRO Duo" media.

Availability and prices will vary from country to country.

We will keep you posted.