Sony believes it has the answer to providing Video over IP with a new application jointly developed with a company called Glowpoint.

The new offering, called the IVE service, or Instant Video Everywhere features free, unlimited video and voice service for consumers worldwide.

According to the company, unlike other internet-based communication applications such as Skype or Yahoo's instant messaging service currently available, the IVE service seamlessly combines the best elements of standard “Voice over IP” (VoIP) services with live, face-to-face feature-rich video, resulting in VoIP Plus, the next generation of IP-based communications.

With the IVE (pronounced ‘Ivy') users will get to place and receive free, unlimited video and voice calls worldwide with any other IVE user anytime, anywhere. They will also be able to place video and audio calls to cell phones, telephones, and any other traditional video or audio conferencing system.

The system will support up to six people in an audio or video conversation.

Every user will get a Personal Video Number with which they can easily place and receive video and audio calls as well as a Video Call Mailbox so other callers can leave a video or voice message when an IVE user is not available.

The VoIP market has grown considerably in the last year coming from virtually nowhere to a mainstream option for many consumers. Earlier on this year Skype was sold to eBay for $2.6 billion dollars.