Want to hear your iTunes tracks on your Sony Ericsson W800i? We thought you did. Engadget, the American tech blog has uncovered a site that will allow you to do just that.


is a homebrew iTunes script that will help you synchronize the contents of iTunes playlists with you Sony Ericsson Walkman phone. The play lists can be either regular or smart ones. The script can also automatically detect when you connect your phone, and will ask you if you want to synchronize. When the files have been copied, you can Eject the phone.

The synchronization happens one way only, from computer to the phone. All songs that are on the phone's memory card, but not on iTMW's playlists will be deleted from the phone. Please keep this in mind if you are using the phone with more than one computer.

The playlists themselves are not synchronized, only the tracks within them. Unchecked tracks and music from bought from the iTunes Music Store are not uploaded.

The catch is that it wont work with iTMS purchased songs but still it's a start.