3 has announced a partnership with Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK to supply full-length audio tracks directly to its 3 million customers, and perhaps pre-emptying Apple and Motorola's iTunes rumoured music phone announcement next week.

Customers will be able to access all the artists for which Sony BMG UK has mobile rights for such as Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Usher, Charlotte Church and Oasis.

The agreement will also enable customers to enjoy new releases from Sony BMG UK's labels as well as back catalogue material.

3 has not confirmed however how much the new tracks will cost and whether or not you will be able to transfer them to other devices once you've downloaded them to your phone.

In a recent survey on pocket-lint, which asked whether readers listened to MP3s on their mobile phone and if no, would it something they would consider doing, a whopping 72% of entrants said that even if they had the chance to listen to their favourite tracks on their mobile, they wouldn't bother.