Sony Ericsson has launched a Bluetooth controlled camera at CeBIT 2005 to allow users to remotely capture images.

Called ROB-1 the ball styled unit works on the same principles as the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth remote controlled car launched last year.

The ROB-1 can rove around for a distance of up to 50 meters from the user, streaming video to the phone's display. The device's three wheels and spherical shape combined with camera technology to make it agile and flexible with a wide field of vision. Eleven centimetres in diameter, ROB-1 can move forwards, backwards, look around corners, pivot on the spot or tilt the camera 70º upwards and 20º downwards. Sony Ericsson has even added a light to the front of the unit so you can take pictures from under things - or dark spaces like under your desk.

Why, we here you ask, as Sony Ericsson's Global Corporate Communications Manager Peter Bodor said when we spoke to him at the show; “Because we can”.

The Bluetooth Motion Cam ROB-1 will be available during Q3 2005.