It seems every man and his dog is going after the music phone market. This time its Sony Ericsson that's announced a mobile music strategy.

The plan is to use the world famous Walkman brand. Sony Ericsson's range of Walkman-branded phones will support the most popular digital music file formats and services.

The first Walkman branded Sony Ericsson music phones will be announced in March and enable users to transfer their existing CD collections to their phones via a PC. Future products will be capable of playing copy-protected music files purchased and downloaded via a PC from the Internet or direct to the phone.

Sony Ericsson unlike Sony, believes that supporting open standards is the best way of offering operators and consumers both the highest quality and widest choice of services. In support of this, Sony Ericsson announces its collaboration with Sony's music download service Connect, which will open on-line digital music purchasing to mobile phone users in various countries around the world.

The Connect service is currently available in the US, UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

We will keep you posted.