The K500, features a large 1.9 inch 65K TFT colour screen and MultiAction joystick for gaming and also unveiled today was Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrowä in 3D on the K500 series of phones.

The P910 smartphone is the latest incarnation of the P800/P900 series and offers a Qwerty keyboard on the flip down keypad, an increase of memory from 16Mb to 64Mb and now supports Sony's Memory Stick Duo Pro in sizes up to 1Gb. The Screen has also been bumped up from a 65k to 256k colour version.

On the clamshell side, Sony Ericsson has also announced the Z500 clamshell camera phone which uses takes advantage of EDGE technology (a variant of 3G, that will provide fast access to wireless data, content downloads, messaging and interactive online gaming.

We also announced were three new accessories - the Bluetooth Akonoä Headset (HBH-660) introduces an Info Display which shows the caller's name or number, is low weight and small in size. The Bluetooth Akonoä Headset (HBH-300) that is aimed at noisy environments through an extended boom and noise cancelling function. There is also a Desk Speaker Stand (CSS-25) that allows users to handle hands free calls on a loudspeaker.