Sony has unveiled its latest addition to its handsfree portfolio of in-car accessories with a device that allows multiple users to share the same device easily.

The HCB-300 automatically connects to the user's phone using Bluetooth wireless technology when the car ignition is engaged, even if the phone remains in a pocket or bag saving manual pairing every time you get in the car.

The unit can handle up to give different user profiles all separated by a Colour ID. The unit will automatically connect to the last users ID before searching for new users. Alternatively the driver can manunally change the ID if they so wish.

Supporting voice recognition, voice tags in the address book of the phone in use the HCB-300 automaticaly mutes the car stereo so the driver does have to worry about doing too many things at once.

The unit, which will work with any Bluetooth enabled phone, not just Sony Ericsson units, will be available in Q3 of this year with pricing still to be confirmed.