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(Pocket-lint) - Sony is looking to simultaneously cater to movie buffs and annoy small-handed consumers with its upcoming Xperia XA3 that's now leaked out.

The first image of Sony's Xperia XA3 has been posted to WinFuture. The most interesting thing about this yet-to-be-announced smartphone is that it has a 21:9 aspect ratio on its display. In order to accomplish this, Sony pushed the length of the screen. So, from bottom to top, the phone will come in at a finger-stretching 5.9 inches, which would make it one of the taller, thinner phones.

This has benefits. Most films are shot in a 21:9 aspect ratio. So, that'll mean no more black boxes on the sides of Xperia XA3 when you’re watching a movie. It'll look especially cool given the phone’s bezel-less design. The main drawback, though, might be the phone is too long and hard to handle. People already complain about spraining their thumbs to reach the tops of their phones, so imagine how they'll react to the Xperia XA3.

Keep in mind Sony's next flagship, the Xperia XZ4, also recently leaked, revealing another long display with a 21:9 aspect ratio. It's said to be 6.5 inches in length, making it a half-inch larger than its predecessor's display (the Xperia XZ3). Clearly, Sony is loving the look of super slim, tall phones. But will you? We'll know soon enough, as Sony is expected to unveil the Xperia XA3 on 25 February.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 6 February 2019.