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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has submitted a patent application for a technology that could revolutionise the mobile industry.

It proposes adding a second wireless antenna for Near Field Communications (NFC) that will transfer power rather than data. You could therefore recharge your phone from a friend's device, a refrigerator, washing machine or anything else that has an NFC power transmitter.

And it will be truly contactless, you wouldn't need to place your device on the power source.

The only restriction is that the device you are charging from must be connected to the mains. So you could only leach power from a friend's handset when he or she is charging it through a wired connection.

It is suggested that power sources would show up much like Wi-Fi hotspots, for you to choose which to take charge from.

The patent application was filed in November last year but came to light when it was posted by the US Patent and Trademark Office at the beginning of March. It is worth remembering that technology firms file many patents every year and only a handful ever make it to fruition and appear in a product.

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This is one, however, that we would thoroughly encourage as it could mean you'd never run out of battery on your phone again.

Writing by Rik Henderson.