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(Pocket-lint) - Chinese social site Weibo is at it again leaking photos of upcoming smartphones, which were picked up by TechTastic. Samsung and Apple are safe this time, as it's Sony that's in the firing line for a leak ahead of launch. The site has obtained images purporting to be Sony's next flagship smartphone, which we're calling the Xperia X2 for now. There's been no official word on a name just yet, so it's easier to stick to something that's easy to follow.

The photos don't give a huge amount away, other than the fact the new device follows an incredibly similar design language to Sony's flagships from the past few years. That it uses the now traditional OmniBalance design, which places the power button - and in the X2's case, fingerprint sensor - halfway down the side of the phone.

There's an image of a screen showing some memory information about the phone, and it shows it has 4GB of RAM. This helps us to assume it is a new phone as current Sony flagships come with just 3GB of RAM.

There are however, different phones in one picture, lying side by side. One phone has a rather large bezel at the bottom, while the one to its right appears to be missing it entirely. They both resemble Sony phones, so could there be two versions of the upcoming flagship? It's not a rumour we've heard before, so for now we'll say the source isn't completely reliable. There is also what is clearly a tablet in another picture too, with large bezels on each side. It's not clear if this is a new or old tablet, but considering Sony has tended to stick with large bezels on all of its previous tablet models, it could be a glimpse at something new.

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Because the photos can't be fully verified and there's still no official word from Sony, although there has been a report to suggest the Japanese phone maker will be bringing five new models to Mobile World Congress at the end of February. If a new flagship is one of those, we don't have long to wait, although a following report claims we'll have to wait until later in 2017.

Writing by Max Langridge.