A blurred image purporting to be the Sony Xperia XZ (2017) has appeared on Slashleaks. There's no information to go with the image, so we have to make some assumptions based purely on what we can see, which isn't a great deal, especially since the image is quite blurry.

We're calling this the Xperia XZ (2017) because it's what Slashleaks has called it, however we're not entirely sure what it will be called. Considering there already is an Xperia XZ, we're not convinced Sony will use the same name again, and could go for something like the X2. For the sake of this article, we'll be calling it Xperia XZ (2017).

What it does clearly show is a virtually edgeless display, although the top and bottom bezels are pretty big. There's clear Sony branding, which is a good start, a front-facing camera to the left and sensors on the right.

There also appears to be no physical buttons on the front, or perhaps even the sides, which leaves us wondering where the power button is. It could be on the top, or even on the rear. There's also no word on where the fingerprint scanner will be. It could be placed on the back or perhaps even embedded into the display.

One thing we do know from the picture is that the 2017 Xperia XZ will come in a gold finish.

There's no official word on when the new XZ will be released, but fingers are pointing to an MWC reveal as opposed to CES, although previous rumours have suggested the company will in fact unveil at new 4K Xperia smartphone at the show in Las Vegas.

With CES just a week away and MWC at the end of February, we don't have long to wait in either situation to see Sony's 2017 smartphone plans.

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