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(Pocket-lint) - Two Sony Xperia smartphones recently passed through the European Economics Commission with the model numbers G3112 and G3121. The phones are expected to be the first of a new flagship series and have been tipped to launch at MWC 2017, but now a user on Chinese site Weibo has different ideas.

The user, called "Reviewer" has been correct on some leaks and rumours in the past and now says the two phones in question will come with a 5-inch or 5.2-inch full HD and a larger 5.5-inch 4K screen and will launch at CES 2017. The user also says "it will be equipped with 4GB RAM". It's not clear if they're referring to both phones, or just one of them.

Sony was the first manufacturer to put a 4K screen on a phone with the Xperia Z5 Premium while most rival manufacturers offer 2K displays on their devices.

In our tests, we found the Xperia Z5 Premium did perform better than its rivals but for most of the time it was just upscaling content as there's currently no native 4K content to view on smartphones, unless you make it yourself.

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With regards to the CES 2017 unveiling, Sony has usually unveiled new devices at either IFA or MWC, so we'd be surprised if the company launched its new devices in Las Vegas.

There's no official backing to the rumour on Weibo and Sony hasn't made any comment, so for now we have to take this with a pinch of salt.

Writing by Max Langridge.