Sony isn't doing so well and plans to cut down its television and mobile phone lineups as well as its FIFA soccer sponsorship in an attempt to save money. It would rather focus on PlayStation 4 and image sensors, it's claimed.

Sony announced during an investors' conference that it wants to make a profit on televisions and smartphones and doesn't care about market share. The Xperia phones didn't do so well in recent earnings, for instance, so Sony confirmed it would detail new plans for the line in March 2015.

As for the FIFA contract, according to Reuters, Sony is not planning to renew it next year. The company will instead stick to a three-year business plan that's focused on pushing video-game sales up as much as 1.6 trillion yen (helped by TV, video, and music distribution services).

Sony also wants to increase sales in its devices division, which runs the image sensor business, by 70 percent. Companies like Apple use Sony's image sensors in handsets. And finally, Sony has a plan to drive TV and movie programming revenues by a third over the next three years.

In other words: It looks like Sony believes it can still make money from smartphones, but by selling camera image sensor components to rivals.

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