Charging might be faster than ever before, but it's still a hassle that we may soon be able to do less of, thanks to Sony. A new method of powering devices has been pioneered and should be making its way into the next generation of Xperia smartphone.

According to Nikkei, Sony has developed a new device that uses 10-15 watts of electricity supplied at twice the rate of current chargers. That should mean you're able to fully charge your next Sony smartphone in one hour. This information comes from specifications being finalised by the Wireless Power Consortium, meaning the super fast charge will be wire-free too.

But charging that fast will send my mobile into a balls of flames, we hear your cry. Yes, it normally would. But Rohm has developed control chips, to  be incorporated into Qi-compatible chargers and smartphones, whicfeature enhanced control circuitry capable of keeping heat generation down.

This tech is expected to make its way into Sony gadgets in late 2014.