The Sony Xperia Z1 will soon update to Android 4.4 KitKat, if the latest rumour is to be believed.

Specifically, Sony's flagship device will update to the latest and greatest Android OS on 7 November, which is well before other devices are expected to update. Reports have claimed KitKat will release sometime this month, so the Xperia Z1 might update within a week or two after Google's official KitKat presentation.

So, all the speculation aside, is this new hearsay plausible? Probably not. Android device makers tend to take up to six months before they'll push out an update, and that's usually only true for the more high-end devices from big manufacturers.

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In some case, it'll take over a year and might not even ever happen for others. Sony is one such maker that is slow to the draw. The fact is: most manufacturers want you to buy the newest handset with the newest version of Android. Pushing out an update doesn't make them any money.

Therefore, the likelihood of Android 4.4 landing for Xperia Z1 in November is - at this point - nothing but a rumour. In fact, if the Xperia Z1 were to update, it might just go to Android 4.3, which released in July. Sony's handset is currently only running version 4.2.