Sony has released a new gadget alongside its new Xperia Z1 that while looking like a doppleganger for the smartphone is actually a media streamer for your phone or tablet.

The new device, dubbed the rather dull WG-C20, will let you slip into an SD Card or download images from your camera, then to wirelessly play and share content via NFC to your phone.

Measuring just 14.4x7cm and 9mm thin, the pocket-sized server is evolved from the WG-C10 and automatically makes a direct Wi-Fi connection with no fiddly set-up codes when you tap it with an NFC ready device.

With support for DLNA, the WG-C20 is just like a mini home media server says Sony. Stream stored video, photos and music to your TV, hi-fi, PCs, tablets and other networked DLNA client devices around the house – with no cables needed. Sony says you can also hook up an external hard drive via USB cable and share the contents.

If that wasn't enough, the device also lets you charge your smartphone or tablet’s battery.

The new WG-C20 Portable Wireless Server is available in white, black and purple in Europe from November 2013.