Sony has made good on its promise to upgrade the Xperia Z smartphone to the latest version of Android. Starting today, Xperia Z users should find Android 4.2.2 being pushed to their devices.

One of the notable weak points of the Xperia Z, the smartphone launched with 4.1.2, but that now appears to have been fixed. The update is being pushed over the air and appears to be being received predominantly by LTE models at the moment.

The Xperia ZL only recently had the same update. It brings little in terms of UI changes, bar the ability to use special lock screen widgets. If you want to check to see if the update is ready for your phone, you can force check for an update via Android's settings.

Alternatively you can use the PC companion app included with the Xperia Z to do the same thing. As is always the case with Android updates, they require carrier approval in order to be pushed out. It's over to the UK networks to decide who gets the 4.2.2 update first.