After spending time frolicking around the UK and Asia, Sony's flagship Xperia Z is finally heading across the pond to the US.

Speaking off-stage to reporters at the AllThingsD D11 conferenceSony CEO Kaz Hirai confirmed the Xperia Z will be launching in the US in the coming weeks. He didn't give specifics on pricing, carriers or exact availability, but Sony fans stateside can now sit comfortably knowing Sony's best smartphone is soon landing. 

TmoNews scooped photos of the Xperia Z with T-Mobile branding in April, indicating that the nation's fourth-largest carrier is at least one among the fray. 

To help fuel sales for the Xperia Z, Hirai says Sony will increase its marketing efforts. Furthermore, the executive revealed that the Xperia Z has been the top-selling phone in Japan for the sixth week in a row. No word on other markets. 

In our review of the Xperia Z, we noted that it is the strongest Android phone that Sony has produced to date, fusing power, design and features. We weren't big fans of Sony's software customisations and camera.