Sony could be planning its own smartphone super camera to take on the likes of the rumoured Galaxy S4 zoom. The phone, which will match the quality of conventional digital compact cameras, is codenamed "Honami" and should use a large 1/1.6 sized sensor. 

That matches up with most compact cameras and, like Sony's own snappers, the phone should also use a G type lens, which would mean razor-sharp and contrasty images. The rumours also suggest great low-light capability, with a Bionz chip taken from a compact camera and a f2.0 lens. 

The flash will be either Xenon or Plasma with dual LEDs. The sensor size matches that of the Nokia PureView, which we already know sets the standard when it comes to smartphone cameras.

Samsung also has something similar planned. The rumoured Galaxy S4 zoom will bridge the gap between camera and smartphone and should make the likes of the Galaxy camera obsolete.