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(Pocket-lint) - Sony Mobile is planning to add native support for DualShock 3 game controllers, as found on the PlayStation 3. It will allow you to use one of the gamepads on Android games with Bluetooth control-compatibility and PlayStation Mobile titles.

Demonstrated on a still to be released Sony Xperia SP, the option to attach a controller is part of the Android settings. It requires you to attach the controller via USB first, then, once paired for the first time, it will automatically recognise the joypad each time you press the PlayStation button - much like when you are switching on a PS3 remotely.

The news was broken by Tom Randall (@djnermal), a DJ who also works for Sony Mobile, on his Twitter account. He also posted a YouTube video of the controller in action. The clip also explains where and how to set up the device.

It also shows the potential of turning your Sony phone into a home games console. Plug it into a TV via HDMI and, with the DualShock 3, you've got a passable console experience. It's basically the Green Throttle offering, but for PlayStation Mobile games.

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It is not known at present whether the connection software will come as an update to existing Xperia handsets, or whether it will just be included with new devices going forward, but it offers the chance for gamers to use tools they already have at their disposal, rather than one of the many third-party accessories out there.

However, we think Sony would be mad not to bring the functionality to the Xperia Z, for example.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.