Sony has released a new advert to promote the new Xperia Z smartphone announced at CES, heralding the company's past achievements.

The advert starts with the company's first television launch in the 1960s, then jumps forward in time to rollerskating girls using the Walkman in the Eighties, before jumping to the fall of the Berlin Wall captured on a Sony camcorder in 1989. 

The advert finishes in the present day with two tourists visiting the famous Holi - the Festival of Colours festival in India. 

Getting out of a tuk-tuk the two stars of the advert, along with the phone, are covered in dye as the man of the couple takes a photo. It is okay, of course, because after the fact they simply wash the phone off thanks to its waterproof capabilities. 

The advert, as you would expect, follows in the same lines as previous Sony adverts such as the Bravia bouncing balls or the exploding paint

The advert kickstarts a huge campaign planned by Sony to promote the new phone.