Following Sony's announcement that the Xperia ZL will come in a red colour variant, the wine-coloured handset has finally been spotted in the wild at the South East Asia launch event. 

Xperia Blog got its hands-on a prototype red handset with a smoother back than the black version and was told by Sony Mobile that the company had no plans to release it globally. That's certainly confusing news, as Sony previously announced the Xperia ZL would arrive in three colours: black, white, and red. 

Sony announced at the launch event that both the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL, debuted to much fanfare at CES 2013, will launch in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam in Q1. 

In our play with both handsets, they were certainly zippy, happily coping with anything that was asked of it. Video played beautifully with the big, bright screens really shining. 

The company has yet to detail the continued launch of the Xperia Z worldwide, though March sounds very plausible. Sony has told Pocket-lint that there are no plans to launch the XL in the UK.

We'll keep you updated on when, or if, that pretty red ever lands in consumer pockets.

Which do you prefer: white, black, or red?