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(Pocket-lint) - Images purporting to be the Sony Nexus X have appeared online, with tech sites claiming it's yet another Nexus device that we should be getting excited about. The trouble is, the images look to be illustrating some of the worst Photoshop skills we've seen for a long time.

"A couple of pictures have popped up on Picasa supposedly showing a new Nexus smartphone from Sony dubbed the 'Sony Nexus X'," reports Xperia Blog, a blog dedicated to all things Sony Mobile and the source of the story.

The two images show a device claiming to be yet another Nexus device - due out, no doubt, before Christmas - and tie in with the wish of many that, instead of the rumoured single Nexus device launching on 29 October, Google will launch up to five devices to celebrate the fifth birthday of Android.

The first image shows the front of the phone on a desk. Looked at closely, the phone seems to be hovering above the desk with no shadow or sense that it is anywhere near the desk. There is a reflection on the screen of a hand holding another phone taking the picture, but this reflection isn't cast on to the desk in any way. Strange. There are no shadows at all.

sony nexus x photos appear online forgets logo needs to be straight image 2

The second image features the back of the phone - the Nexus element presumed because there is a Google logo on the back beneath the camera, and the Sony because there is a Sony logo at the bottom.

Several things don't match up here.

On the latest leaked pictures of the LG Nexus device the logo clearly states "with Google". If this handset were being released at the same time, you would expect it to match other devices in the family. Yes Google devices use both logos, but here it doesn't rub.

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But it's not just the Google logo that we don't believe - the Sony logo doesn't look right either. It doesn't even run parallel with the edge of the phone and you can clearly see additional artefacts around the logo which we believe shouldn't be there. Oh dear.

And that's before you even start to factor in the device bearing none of the trademark design signatures of the Xperia line.

Fakers, you need to try harder if you are going to con us into believing photos are real. 

Real or fake? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Writing by Stuart Miles.