Sony's first IFA under the command of Kaz Hirai, its new CEO, and he wanted to make sure that it went big at Europe's largest electronic consumer show.

We had new cameras, new phones, new tablets, new headphones and new televisions. There was even a hint of PlayStation, thanks to The Book of Spells created by JK Rowling to work with the company's new Wonderbook experience.

On the phone side Sony announced a plethora of new handsets, but while there seem to be an array of product announcements those you should concern yourself with are the Sony Xperia T, V, and J. Of the three, the flagship is the Sony Xperia T. It's the phone James Bond will use in Skyfall, and the one that features the most kit - 4.6-inch screen NFC tech, all the cool toys. The US equivalent is the Sony Xperia V - it's pretty much the same, but features a more waterproof design and LTE for faster internet surfing. At the bottom of the run for those on a budget is the Sony Xperia J.

Sony used its IFA press conference to launch the Sony Xperia Tablet S officially. It's an update to the Tablet S and clearly shows that the Tablet P with its split screen didn't do to well. It didn't get refreshed for example.

Our quick play with the Sony Xperia S tablet at the show has proved promising. It's certainly one to watch.

It's not just the tablets that got some of the spotlight at the event: the Vaio division rolled out two new models at IFA - the Sony Vaio Duo 11 and 20-inch Sony Vaio Tap 20 tablet. The Vaio Duo, as we found out in our Sony VAIO Duo 11 hands-on, is certainly interesting, while in our Sony VAIO Tap 20 touchscreen PC hands-on having a 20-inch tablet is decidedly massive.

Pocket-lint had been given early access to the Sony NEX-5R ahead of the launch. It's the company's new flagship Compact System camera that promises plenty. It sports a 16-megapixel APS-C sensor and a range of lens that should fit most needs if you are looking to expand.

Design-wise the NEX-5R has added a new thumbwheel and a function (Fn) button to the mix. The thumbwheel is shielded to the side so it's difficult to knock it accidentally, while the one-touch movie button has been moved from its former place after complaints about accidental presses with the rear of the thumb knuckle.

Available in black, white or silver, the Sony NEX-5R be priced at £670 on what we anticipate will be an October 2012 release date. We'll be bringing you a full Sony NEX-5R review once we get the camera into our hands again.

For the more adventurous Sony also announced an Action Cam to take on GoPro in adventure video stakes. It's small, comes with a waterproof case for divers, and films 720p footage.

Sony isn't about to let 3D die and while 3D wasn't the central focus of its IFA press show this year, it still had 3D products to shout about. Sony launched a second Personal 3D Viewer, the HMZ-T2 at the show which is thinner and lighter and better than the previous model.

Yep you read that right, Sony announced that it has made an 84--inch 4K television for those who like their TVs big. We quickly jumped in front to give it a gander. Who wouldn't want an eyes-on with the Sony Bravia KD-84X9005 84-inch 4K TV?

If you though all the above was too much to take in, then stop: Sony also announced a stack of other stuff some of which is interesting and other bits that aren't. We aren't too fussed about a car stereo, for example, that you can control with an app on your Android phone. What did catch our eye, however, where the Sony MDR-1R over-ear headphones range that we had a hands-on with. They've got a NFC chip inside so you can tap it on your NFC to quickly pair the two over Bluetooth. Sony has done a similar trick with the Sony SRS-BTM8 handbag speaker that also adds NFC for quick Bluetooth pairing.