Sony is putting together the finishing touches to its new Exmor RS camera module that looks likely to be included in the majority of future camera phones and tablets, even those made by rival manufacturers. 

The CMOS image sensor will be the go-to module for mobile devices, with Sony working on three different variants. Along with a straightforward 8-megapixel camera sensor, another 8-megapixel module will feature camera signal processing tech. Sony has also revealed that it's working on a more advanced 13-megapixel Exmor RS camera module. 

All three variants will be capable of recording High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, while Sony is also refreshing its autofocus credentials, while fitting the Exmor RS with f/2.2 lenses.

Sony’s latest Exmor RS camera modules won’t be made available until October, so we won’t be seeing it in any early models unveiled at IFA this August.

However, after that there’s a good chance your next smartphone or tablet will feature Sony’s camera tech, no matter what logo is emblazoned on the device.

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