Could Sony be about to beef up its Xperia S smartphone? A new addition to the Xperia range has been spotted on an Indonesian website that goes by the name Sony Xperia SL. 

The document states that the model number is LT26ii and as the original Sony Xperia S’ model number was LT26i, it does indeed seem as though it will be an upgrade to the Android phone.

Though the document provides little else in terms of specs, an update to the Sony Xperia S wouldn’t be the first time Sony has revamped a model. The Sony Xperia Arc for example, which initially housed a 1GHz processor, was bolstered with a 1.5GHZ processor when it was reintroduced in the guise of the Sony Xperia Arc S

What this extra ‘L’ will bring to the Sony Xperia S party we can only speculate. An improved CPU? Bigger screen? Android Jelly Bean operating system perhaps? What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below what you think the Sony Xperia SL will have in terms of specs.