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(Pocket-lint) - UK operator Three has confirmed that it will be selling the Sony Xperia U on both contract and Pay as You Go. 

Unveiled in February at Mobile World Congress, the phone features a 3.5-inch FWVGA Reality Display touchscreen, 1GHz dual-core processor and 5-megapixel camera with 720 HD recording.

The specs would suggest the phone will be available at a mid-tier price point. We say “suggest” as Three isn’t ready to reveal pricing or availability details at present.

The third and smallest of the Sony Xperia phones to be unveiled at MWC (the Xperia P and Xperia S being the other two), the base of the Sony Xperia U will change colour to match the primary shade that happens to be on the screen. Very retro.

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Orange has already said it will also be selling an exclusive white version of the Sony Xperia U before the end of June. 

The phone is expected to launch on Android 2.3, though an upgrade to Ice Cream sandwich (Android 4.0) will soon follow.

UPDATE - Pocket-lint has spoken to Three and the Sony Xperia U will be available free on the Essential Internet 100 Plan for £15 a month and the Essential Internet 500 Plan for £20 a month. PAYG customers will be able to get hold of the phone for £179.99.

Are you thinking of buying the Sony Xperia U? Let us know.

Writing by Danny Brogan.