Sony, fresh from showing off a raft of new devices at CES, has teased another new arrival: Sony Dot Switch.

The 31 second teaser video shows a chap controlling a number of devices (or turning them on, at least) using a virtual white button on what looks like a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc phone.

He kick starts a gramophone, a TV, a confetti explosion and a robotic arm that unveils a mystery black device.

The device: a small black box, could perhaps be some kind of media hub or maybe some kind of proprietary network hotspot. Who knows? Well, we all will come 21 February - the date mentioned in the video (so too early for an MWC announcement).

We just hope it isn't a big let down and has nothing to do with the fugly remote control that the electronic giant demoed to Pocket-lint over in Vegas.

sony dot switch teaser literally points at connected devices image 2