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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has revealed that it is to phase out feature phones and concentrate on smartphones in the future. The Japanese giant has very recently announced its acquisition of the Ericsson part of Sony Ericsson, and with the buy out, effect more change than a simple rebranding exercise.

One revelation is that the company will ditch production of feature phones, such as the W995 and, nigh-on, the entire Walkman range of handsets. Speaking at the company's press conference called to announced the merger, Sony's president and CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, revealed all: "We're phasing out feature phones," he said.


Ericsson’s president and CEO, Hans Vestberg, confirmed: "First of all, Sony Ericsson has gone through a big transformation. They will take the decision they need to make for the company to succeed. And I guess it's a question for the company more than for us.

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"The answer is 'yes' from the management," he added.

So, it seems as if the new Sony mobile phone brand will be concentrating on Android solely. Or will it?

When asked whether the new arm would consider buying webOS, Sir Howard Stringer replied, "Never say never". Hmmmm...

What do you think of the merger and the news that the company will cease feature phone production? And should it buy webOS? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson.