It is a rather sweet day for owners of last-gen Android devices, many of whom are getting Gingerbread updates. First was the original Samsung Galaxy Tab and now the Xperia X10. 

2.3.3 can be downloaded straight to network-free X10s bringing with it app tray sorting, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and USB tethering. 

Sony Ericsson specific features include Facebook inside Xperia, photo widgets and a music player with equaliser. 

Given the severely slow approach that the original X10 took to Android it could be that this Gingerbread refresh finally makes the handset the phone it should have been.

Those who want to download the update will find it at Sony Ericsson's devices page. 

Update: The update may not come as quickly as we'd hoped with Mattias Holm, head of product PR for SE stating in a blog post.

"As some of you have seen we have communicated on that the Gingerbread software update for Xperia X10 is available. Unfortunately that information was a bit too premature. The launch is imminent and timing according to plan but we just need some more days before we can push the button. Please stay tuned here on the product blog where we will notify you as soon as the first software kits start to roll out."