Sony Ericsson's Facebook obsession continues with the announcement of two new handsets over the social network. 

The Mix Walkman and Txt Pro turned up in a gallery on their personal Facebook pages earlier today. Of the two, the Mix Walkman is the most exciting, incorporating a 'Zappin' key which allows you to preview the chorus of the next track and decide if you want to listen to it or not. 

The Mix Walkman also has a karaoke function that means you can lower the vocal tracks from songs and sing along. Perhaps one to take advantage of indoors and not whilst sitting on the bus. The phone comes in black with different coloured bands, these are either pink or green. It also has a 3 inch 400 x 240 screen and supports SD cards for memory. 

sony ericsson unveils two new handsets on facebook image 2

The Txt Pro is virtually identical apart from the addition of a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Also included is a friends application so you can get easy access to the Facebook and Twitter pages of your five bezzy mates.

Sony Ericsson recently ran a competition on their Facebook page which saw social networkers submitting their own video reviews, to be judged by how much 'like' they received. The winners got ten phones!

Both phones are headed out in Q3 this year.

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