Sony Ericsson will launch the Sony Ericsson Neo at Mobile World Congress (MWC), according to unnamed sources cited on the Internet. 

Sony Ericsson rumours and “previews” of unannounced handsets are continuing apace it seems with yet more confirmation of what we kind of already know - that new handsets will be announced in February at phone trade show Mobile World Congress.

According to the latest “unnamed sources”, talking to TechRadar this time, the site has “exclusively” confirmed news previously detailed by many in December; that Sony Ericsson will launch the Sony Ericsson Neo at Mobile World Congress in February next month.

According to the site, the handset, that was previously dubbed Hallon, will now take the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo moniker instead.

Sony Ericsson trademarked the name Neo back in December along with the Sony Ericsson Arc, as well as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo - a name that has so far yet to be publicly used by the company.

Pocket-lint believes that Sony Ericsson is expected to launch three handsets at the trade show in Barcelona: The Xperia Play, the European launch of the Xperia Arc and one other, suggesting the Neo rumour could fit.

Of course that leaves the Xperia Vivaz 2 that showed up in Russia in January without a home, suggesting that it could be the Neo or the Duo or just the Vivaz 2.

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