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(Pocket-lint) - Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg has done little to dispel the growing PlayStation phone rumours, stating: "There's a lot of smoke, and I tell you there must be a fire somewhere".

Nordberg also said: "Sony has an extremely strong offering in the gaming market, and that's very interesting" before adding "gaming, including content, is a very interesting proposition".

The mobile chief went on to say that he wants to make a lot of "noise" with a new device at Mobile Word Congress 2011 in February, and stated that there is no technological issues with launching a game-oriented phone.

It all seems to point at the obvious doesn't it?

However, it is being reported that the handset in question may not get the full PlayStation branding, and instead might come under the Xperia range, with an app provided to present the PlayStation gaming.

Running via Android (possibly Honeycomb when it lands next year) the device would, therefore, have a similar setup to the Windows Phone 7/Xbox LIVE arrangement, where gaming appears within a hub.

Nordberg commented that the current crop of smartphones available were not "optimised for games" and that there were legal issues with games publishers to deal with. "I'm very glad that we work with a company like Sony, who actually knows how to do it", he added.

So, it's all eyes on Barcelona then, and hopefully a big MWC unveiling.

It's PSP Go for the Sony PlayStation phone

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.