Sony Ericsson, desperate to turn its fortunes around, has confirmed that it will be ditching the Symbian operating system in favour of Android.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Aldo Liguori, corporate VP and head of global communications & PR at Sony Ericsson, confirmed the bad news for the open platform.

"We have no plans for the time being to develop any new products to the Symbian Foundation standard or operating system”.

The comments come on the back of others made by other high-ranking officials within the Swedish company:

“We have made a significant shift to support Android”, Bloomberg reports chief creation officer Rikko Sakaguchi saying in July, adding that the Vivaz line with Symbian was doing well and contributing to margin improvement.

Sony Ericsson remains a member of the Symbian Foundation, Liguori said.

The use of Android is “not exclusive, but it will certainly continue to be an important platform for us”, he said, perhaps opening the door for a Windows Phone 7 device in the future.