Sony Ericsson has unveiled a pair of Walkman handsets that'll be arriving this autumn. There's the Sony Ericsson Zylo, and the Sony Ericsson Spiro. Both lie firmly in feature-phone territory, but offer a range of options to music fans and social networking enthusiasts.

The Zylo is the first Sony Ericsson handset to support the FLAC lossless audio codec, meaning it might be of interest to audiophiles. It also has the ability to play tracks in the background during calls, and comes with a range of pre-loaded tracks that simulate the office, walking on the street and being in a restaurant. It also comes with track ID capabilities, a music store, and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It has a 3.2-megapixel camera, but needs a microSD card to get above 260MB of onboard memory.

The Spiro is less exciting, so presumably it's cheaper too. It also has track ID and access to a music store. It has the same Facebook and Twitter capabilities. It also comes with 3.5mm headphone jack, 2.0 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth and an FM radio. Presumably lost for more things to shout about, the press release details how SMS shows up in "conversation bubbles", so it seems only right to share that information with you too. It too comes with pretty much no internal memory, but accepts microSD cards. It isn't a 3G handset.

Both phones will be showing up in Q3, meaning early Autumn. The Zylo will be showing up in black, silver and pink, and the Spiro will come in black, pink, green and a different black. No pricing as yet, but that'll likely appear closer to launch.