Virgin Media has brought the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 kicking and screaming to the UK, and is stock from today the company has confirmed.

The phone, which has been doing the rounds since July last year, is finally available in the UK and ready to purchase for those into Android without multi-touch.

The cheapest you'll be able to get it is for free on a 24 month contract at £35 a month. Those looking for a no-cost down and an 18-month contract will have to stump up an extra fiver (£40).

If up front cash isn't a problem then £254.99 down first will see your 24 month contract only set you back £20 a month.

Of course if you aren't up for the Sony Ericson X10, Virgin Media says they've also got the HTC Desire in stock as well, with monthly and PAYG offerings. Those looking for zero commitment (aren't we all) can do so for £399.99.