According to Swedish news agency, Sony Ericsson's president - Bert Nordberg - is claiming that Google asked it to build its flagship Nexus One handset, but that the approach was rebuffed.

Nordberg says that Sony Ericsson is committed to building only own-branded hardware, refusing to be a subcontractor to any other company. As previously reported at length, Sony Ericsson's X10 handset comes with Android 1.6 but still hasn't yet been released - it should be showing up in April.

After the snubbing, it seems that Google went back to long-term partners HTC to build the device, who offered the search giant a version of its just announced and very high-end Passion handset. That may have been a good thing, and it certainly didn't hurt either company, though some are beginning to argue that the pace of release of Android handsets is starting to get too much.

Was this a sensible move from Sony Ericsson - keeping faith in the strength of its own products? Or was it a serious own-goal, with the company handing a prize contract to a rapidly growing competitor? Tell us what you think in the comments.