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(Pocket-lint) - Sony Ericsson has admitted to Pocket-lint that it's been forced to abandon the name "Nexus" in relation to mobile phones. Back in November, before anyone knew of Google's Nexus One, Sony Ericsson announced that it was calling the modified Android interface found on the Xperia X10 "Nexus" and said it'd be heading to more devices.

But when Google's Nexus One handset first arrived on the scene, the stage was set for a showdown. We asked what'd happen to that name, pointing out that it was likely to be a no-win situation for Sony Ericsson. At CES in Las Vegas, a Sony Ericsson representative admitted to us that the company has been forced into a climbdown in the face of the excitement for Google's handset.

Henceforth, the interface on the X10 and future Android devices from the Sony Ericsson will be renamed "Timescape" and "Mediascape", referring to the applications within Nexus that sort your contacts and multimedia content. 

Sheer enthusiasm for Google's entry into the mobile phone marketplace has trumped a major strategic move from one of the world's largest mobile companies. That's both a reminder of how fast the smartphone landscape is shifting right now, and a warning that Google - despite being originally a software company - has the chops to compete in hardware too.

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Writing by Duncan Geere.