Sony Ericsson has announced new eco options into its "GreenHeart" range with the launch of  the Sony Ericsson Elm and Hazel phones and the VH700 handsfree device.
All three products boast recycled plastics, an e-manual, minimised packaging, a "green calculator" and "Walk Mate" eco apps and are free from hazardous chemicals.

The phones claim to offer a high quality voice experience with noise shield and "intelligent" volume adaptation, ergonomic design, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter access, A-GPS with turn-by-turn navigation and a media player.

Features include a 5-megapixel camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a microSD memory card slot.

Complete with a GreenHeart Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-60J, the Sony Ericsson Elm phone will be available in black and pearly rose from Q1 2010 while the Hazel (also with headset) will be available in black, as well as "passionate rouge" from Q2 2010.

The Bluetooth Noise Shield Handsfree VH700 (to give it its correct title) will be available in black, silver/white, pink/white and red/white from Q2 2010.

We will keep you posted in a UK launch for all three devices.