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(Pocket-lint) - Sony Ericsson has implied that it may bring its new Android skin destined for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the Nexus UX platform, to other devices.

"Nexus has been developed with a broader focus in mind", said Steve Walker, head of portfolio planning and communications for Sony Ericsson, following a question in an informal journalist briefing on whether we would see the new UI on other devices.

Although not going into specific details about specific products, Walker hinted in a further conversation with Pocket-lint that the new Nexus interface had been developed for devices of "all shapes and sizes".

The news comes as Sony Ericsson announces further details for its latest handset, the Xperia X10, which is due out in February 2010.

Working in what appears to be a similar way to HTC's Sense UI, Sony Ericsson will create a new "skin" for Android and Symbian OSes called the Nexus UX platform that offers a more graphical interface for users to get involved in.

Creating a dedicated WebSDK to accompany the new "skin", Sony Ericsson is hoping that by allowing developers to create apps specifically for Sony Ericsson handsets, it will help it gain the edge over other Android based handsets from Motorola or HTC.

"It is more than a UI skin", Christopher David, the man in charge of pushing the SDK to developers told us in a one to one interview. "The WebSDK, announced today allows developers to develop applications specifically for our phones and be sold in the PlayNow store".

Sony Ericsson will start the ball rolling with two applications, Timescape and Mediascape with the promise of many more over time.

Timescape will promise to manage all your communication with one person in one place, allowing you to browse through your conversations on Facebook, Twitter, photos, emails, and texts all in one go. Mediascape will focus on the multimedia elements to the handset, allowing you to search your phone for music, photos and videos as well as access interactive services like YouTube or PlayNow.

"We expect to have around a couple of hundred apps and plug-ins for Nexus at launch", David confirmed.

Other features of the new OS overlay include a feature that links faces with contact details at the touch of a button from within the phone on the fly. 

Sony Ericsson says that users will be able to download dedicated Sony Ericsson Android apps created using its WebSDK via its Play Now store rather than in Android Marketplace, however users will be able to access standard Android Marketplace as you would normally. 

The Xperia X10 is the first of many handsets that will use the platform, says Sony Ericsson, with the new handset acting as the flagship model when it hits stores in February. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 18 November 2009.