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(Pocket-lint) - Sky has introduced a new feature to its mobile service called Swap, that will let you change your phone every one or two years, depending on which of the two plans you select to join. The service is live now, so you can head to Sky's mobile website and get yourself signed up.

But just how do you Swap? Allow us to explain all.

When you start your Sky Swap journey, you simply select which phone you want, whether it be the Apple iPhone 7, recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S8 (which is available to pre-order), a Sony Xperia XZ or LG G6.

The phone you select will have a monthly price associated with it, and this changes depending on what storage option you choose. You then get asked whether you want to sign up to Swap12 or Swap24. Swap12 is a 24 month contract, but lets you upgrade and change your phone after 12 months. Swap24 is a 30 month contract, but you can change your phone after 24 months.

When you get to the 12 months, Sky will let you know that you can change your phone. You will then be given a price that Sky will pay you back for your phone, assuming it's in full working order and damage-free and that you send it back before your next bill date.

With the money Sky gives you for your old phone, you put towards paying off your remaining credit balance. If you choose not to sell your phone at the first chance, each month you leave it, it will decrease by your monthly tariff amount.

So, that's the phone part of the plan out the way, next you'll need to select a monthly tariff. Sky Mobile offers three plans  With 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB of data for £10, £15 or £20 a month respectively. You then need to pay an extra £10 a month for unlimited calls and texts. If however, you're a Sky TV customer, you can claim unlimited calls and texts for free. 

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Alternatively you can choose a pay as you use tariff which costs 10p per minute and 10p per text message. 

Swap has been designed to make your mobile contract more flexible and to help you get the latest phones when they're released, rather than be tied down to a conventional two year contract.

Writing by Max Langridge.