In the States, AT&T has announced the launch of four new mobiles from Pantech and Samsung that are said to feature full-on web browsers, despite their non-smartphone status.

The Pantech Reveal and Impact launch alongside the Samsung Mythic and Flight and are the first to come preloaded with AT&T's new "richer and faster" Opera-powered HTML mobile browser and service.

The 3G, GPS-enabled Pantech Reveal is described as a "slim and snappy slider that features an open-faced numeric keypad on the front of the phone which slides up to uncover a full keyboard underneath".

The Pantech Impact gets an OLED touchscreen with haptics, as well as a a full physical keyboard and a second display revealed via a sideways flip of the phone.

The touch-only Samsung Mythic offers a 3.3-inch display and the TouchWiz UI, while the Samsung Flight, with a vertical sliding form factor and full keyboard is another touchscreen-equipped handset.