Samsung has announced the launch of a new headset that can transform from being one that you use with your phone to one that allows you to listen to music without wires on the go.

The new model, which will go under the moniker of the rather dull WEP870, will come with a bolt-on stereo earbud lanyard that can be attached to the headset and worn like a regular pair of headphones.

To make things easier still, Samsung is hoping that the ability to connect it to two devices at the same time, ie a phone and an MP3 player will entice users to dump other headset models and makes.

Aside from the transforming qualities of the new headset, the model will feature the usual array of noise-cancelling features you would expect and an LCD screen which displays battery level, call status and Bluetooth connection status.

Priced at $89.99 in the US, the headset will be joined by two further "run of the mill" options, the WEP850 and WEP470. They will cost $69.99 and $39.99 respectively.

All three models are available on Tuesday in the US. Samsung hasn't said whether or not the headsets will be getting any UK ear time.

We will keep you posted.