Samsung could have a sub $100 Android handset in the market by next year, the company has implied.

In what seems to be an off the cuff comment to the New York Times at the launch of the company's new eco phone, the Samsung Reclaim, senior product development manager at Samsung, Casey Ryan, told the paper that:

"By next year, touch-screen phones, with full Web browsers running the Android operating system will be available for well under $100.

It's not sure from the comment whether or not he was referring to Samsung in particular or to the wider market, however it does bring hope to customers looking to get the Android OS on a device in either the US or the UK without having to sign up to costly contracts.

Currently there are no Android handsets officially available on a pay as you go offering in the UK or the US. The starting price for the original G1 is still at $149.99.

In related news Sprint, while confirming nor denying that it will be taking the HTC Hero in the US later in the year, told Pocket-lint at the same launch that "it would have a strong line up with all the relevant players in time for Christmas".

We will keep you posted.