Samsung has followed LG in releasing a watch phone with plans to bring it to Europe, but not it seems to the UK.

Launching in France first, the 450 euro handset, or watch as it should be referred to, will offer a 4.5cm touchscreen, metal body and leather strap.

Like the LG offering, which will be going on sale in the UK later this year, you'll be able to check Outlook e-mail and voice calls via the speakerphone, MP3 player, and Bluetooth so you don't have to talk into your wrist.

Although Samsung has confirmed to UK tech site Techradar that the new device won't be available in the UK for the foreseeable future, fans of the watch phone could easily nip over the channel and invest in a French version for 450 euros or around £390. A far cry from Orange's LG GD910 offering that is currently priced at a cool £1000.

No word on whether the watch phone will be getting a US launch.

We will keep you posted.