Samsung's next mobile phone will launch, in conjunction with fashion house Giorgio Armani, has been revealed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

As well as posting the specs on its site under the model number GT-B7620, the Group has tweeted: "New Phone product from Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani 2", so that folk can really put two and two together.

The first Armani phone from Samsung, a tweaked rebadge of an existing touchscreen model, was launched in September 2007.

The partnership continued in January this year with the launch of the "Emporio Armani Samsung Mobile, Night Effect", a logo-ed up, flashy Vodafone handset.

It seems this next model will offer Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1, an 800MHz processor, WAP 2.0, stereo FM radio with RDS, A-GPS support, business card scanner, media and photo editor/player and Pocket Office.

Looks, as well as launch plans are still a mystery, but we will keep you posted.